Nov 24, 2009

What’s in a (Things) Box?

ThingsBox, a new social shopping application on Facebook, allows you to select recently purchased products, or items that one wishes to have and give feedback or get feedback from friends.

This touches upon one of the essential components of Social Commerce; receiving reliable opinions before making a purchase.

What is noticeable about ThingsBox is the integration on Facebook and the interaction between using the application and posting comments on walls that generates the propagation of feedbacks.

The ThingsBox application is divided into 3 parts; a “HaveBox”, a “WishBox” and a box entitled “Undecided”.

This division allows subtle interactions between friends.  I put in my HaveBox items that I have and hand them over to be commented on, by posting them on my wall or by directly asking the opinion of certain friends.

I can also ask them about the contents of my “Undecided” box, but also ask them about things I have in my “WishBox”, otherwise what are friends for…..

Judging by the list of products recommended by ThingsBox, this application seems to specialize in electronics, laptops, cameras, and telephones…..and suggests buying such items on Amazon.

Is an affiliate business model sufficient for ThingsBox?

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