Nov 28, 2009

Social Commerce on Facebook, Uh! How Many Storefronts!

Storefronts opening on Facebook!
What does this entail?

Payvment is an E-commerce solution provider who is proposing a new application entitled Storefront integrated in Facebook.  This application allows e-tailers to install stores on Facebook.

The advantage of Storefront is the ability to be launched on any fan page, thus giving “e-tailers” a solution to sell their products on fan pages.

Thus Fan pages are emerging, as the  point of passage for Social Commerce, as I previously  mentioned with the Nimbit platform dedicated to the music industry.  These tools permit, in fact, the integration of business with a “fancasting” perspective.

Moreover, Payvment is compatible with integration via Facebook Connect on e-tailer's web sites

Storefront even goes a step further and combines offers from different e-tailers by mutualizing them. But in doing so with  retailers’ offers it is possible however, that Storefront oversteps e-tailer's wishes….

And concerning the brands, will they be overtaken by e-tailers, when now they are the main source of business fan pages? 

The success Payvment's remarkable initiative will be measured by the number of Storefronts that are launched on Facebook and deserves close monitoring as it confirms that Social Commerce is indeed progressing and moving  “inside Facebook”.

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