Dec 16, 2009

Cartfly, Buzzing Across the Net….

Cartfly is an e-commerce tool used in social networks.

As its name indicates, it is essentially a “shopping cart”, a usable and installable basket embedded into e-commerce sites. Contrary to other tools, Cartfly presents itself as a widget that can be installed very easily. 

PC World writes:

Here the key word is not only “easily” but also “share”.

Cartfly can be installed on the whole constellation of Web 2.0. applications.

  These include the profile pages of Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, Friendster….

Cartfly is fully engaged in the development of social commerce in opening up new monetization possibilities for the Web 2.0 .  PageMage, Nimbit, and Payvment storefronts are  also some of these new social commerce tools. 

They all bet on a rapid growth in their points of sale. This is where social networks come into play.

Cartfly counts on its widget becoming widespread and buzz on the net.

It also is betting on its business model, free download and installation, and a commission starting from 3% on all sales, in order to soon become a “must have” tool, and additionally, in its original and ├╝bersimple format are boutiques created with this widget. Cartfly assures that there already exist thousands ….