Oct 9, 2009

Sherpad: the social-commerce revolution blog!

An e-marketing and e-commerce revolution is going to come about.  It is the irruption of social commerce using feeds, blogs, social networks, and community sites.

The idea behind this blog is to chronicle this revolution, regardless of the medium & technology it uses.

Brands can no longer ignore the profound changes taking place on the web nor the social relationships brought on by the explosion of community based media and social networks.  Sales and marketing companies can’t afford to turn a blind eye either.

E-commerce is on the verge of important changes.  Several brands and start-up sites are starting to work differently by providing information, expert knowledge and recommendations, thus, in short, giving the power back to the consumers, and especially to the various multifaceted links that are accessible to them.

Ebay is, of course, the most popular site that started this revolution, however, beyond Ebay, there are numerous other models that are slowly cutting out their little niche in the world of social commerce.

We bet that within the next 1 to 2 years the face of e-marketing and e-commerce will take a new direction.

Several times a week, this team of writers, Pierre (virtual world and social network creator), Bertrand, (financial analyst), Jerome, (Internet and e-commerce entrepreneur), and Arnaud, (Web 2.0 IT specialist), who are based in Paris and New York, will talk about their discoveries, practices and projects by making you a part of a most innovative and unusual world.

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